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The Center was established by The Law Offices of Charlie Waters to be a comprehensive resource for those suffering from traumatic brain injury and who, together with family and friends, are seeking information, answers, guidance, and support during this challenging time in their lives.  All involved, not just the injury victim, find themselves in new places far removed from their prior lives and facing many unknowns.  In moments like these, up-to-date, comprehension information can provide great comfort and support throughout all aspects of the coping, recovery, healing, and rediscovery process.  We understand this.

It’s our sincere hope you will find The Center an invaluable, online tool as you navigate your road to recovery. Let this be a place you visit with frequency and explore often and whenever needed.  Let it become an extension of your awareness and an addition to your medical base of knowledge.  Think of The Center as “Your Center”… a place you can turn to with questions and where answers can be found.  And if the answer you’re looking for is not already here for you to read, then just ask us.  It’s that simple.  There’s a place below where you can submit any question you may have.  If we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does and get it to you. That’s a promise.  Or if you prefer, call The Law Offices of Charlie Waters at 214-742-2223 and speak with an experienced brain injury lawyer to get answers to all questions you may have.

Within the Texas Brain Injury Law Center you’ll find a virtual library of information on a wide variety of subjects and the means to navigate quickly from topic to topic.  You will also find Featured Articles on brain injury by Charlie Waters along with articles on brain trauma and treatment from invited guest contributors.  We’ve included a section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a listing of outstanding TBI Support Organizations and Associations we know well, along with their contact information.  There’s also a TBI Glossary of Words and Terms to help in your understanding of the “foreign language” of brain injury. We hope you also find helpful our Video Library and Brain Injury Blog/Latest News sections.  We’ve tried to think of everything you might need as you move forward into this new frontier, and we’ll keep at it.

We routinely work with some of the best medical minds in the neuroscience community, including practicing and teaching neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologist, psychiatrists, and rehabilitation therapists and clinicians of all specialties.  We are constantly adding new information to The Center database and striving to update our current material whenever medical breakthroughs and new discoveries occur.  It’s a continuing challenge, but one we welcome.  We know too well this is information the injured and their families need, and we’re determined to provide it as best we can.

We consider it a matter of higher calling…and a privilege.

The National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association annually recognizes the top brain injury lawyers in the country. Membership in this exclusive organization is by peer review and nomination only. Charlie Waters has been recognized again this year as one of the Top 25 Brain Injury Lawyers in Texas. The Top 25 “exemplify superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, and performance in the area of expertise.”

How It Began...

Many years ago, I had the privilege of representing a young woman who sustained a serious brain injury in a motor vehicle accident.  Sadly, the accident changed her life forever.  Representing this courageous woman changed mine.  As her lawyer, I learned and came to fully appreciate for the first time, just how delicate our wondrous brains are and how a seemingly minor traumatic event can dramatically alter a life.  That experience marked the beginning of a professional, and deeply personal, journey of enlightenment to learn as much as I could about the brain and brain injury.  I had a single goal: to become a voice for awareness and the best legal advocate I could possibly be for those struggling to cope with this very challenging injury.  I am still on that journey and will be for the remainder of my days.

Along the way I have learned many things.  I now know how critically important it is to the healing process to be properly diagnosed early so that necessary and difference-making treatments and therapies can be undertaken immediately.  I have learned that specialists in the treatment of brain injuries can often bring about better outcomes if involved early.  I have also learned how little things can make big differences in the legal arena when brain injury lawsuits must be filed and pursued.  But most importantly, I have learned so much about the raw power and triumphant beauty of the human spirit when put to extreme challenge.  I have inadequate words to describe the bravery I have witnessed in those I have had the privilege of representing.

Each of you inspires me daily…and always will.  The Texas Brain Injury Law Center is because of you, in honor of you, and in recognition of your boundless courage.  You have been and remain shining examples to me, and so many others, of life triumphant.  I salute you all…and thank you.

-Charlie Waters


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