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Not only does Mr. Waters

Not only does Mr. Waters have extensive legal wisdom, but the depth of this medical knowledge is almost as if you are speaking to a physician. He is extremely well respected by his colleagues, which speaks volumes. I have always received sound legal advice and been well represented. Mr. Waters is tremendously gifted and an expert at his craft. Fortunately I have been on the client side; I pity any opposing attorney. He’s gracious in person, but fierce in the courtroom. Once you hear his voice, you will understand.

S. Warner

Charlie is a prime example

Charlie is a prime example of a great attorney. He is extremely compassionate and very dedicated to his clients. He truly cares about each case individually and takes time out of his day to do so. Thank you very much for all your time and hard work. Highly recommend.

S. Darnell

I am happy to rate

I am happy to rate and review this attorney. I know his dedication and integrity to be immeasurable. Both these traits are accented by his love for what he does. I know Charlie Waters to give more than 100% and always taking the extra steps for his clients. He is a true humanitarian.

T. Whisnant

Charlie Waters is a great

Charlie Waters is a great lawyer. He has helped me on more than one occasion during very difficult times. I always appreciated his wisdom and judgement, and the way he would take time to explain things to me. He’s smart and skilled, and when needed was very tough. One of his greatest assets is his caring and compassionate heart. He is an attorney that fights hard and dedicates his time and effort with each case. I can recommend him.

CC Saunders

Charlie Waters helped us when

Charlie Waters helped us when nobody else would. He stood up for the little guy against a bully! He’s got integrity and he cares about his clients and he will do everything he can to help! He’s very smart and knows his job very very well! He is a true humanitarian! Thank you for everything! I wish I could give you 10 stars that’s what you deserve.

C. Beard

Charlie is a passionate and

Charlie is a passionate and skilled attorney. He cares deeply about his clients and works tirelessly to see them get the outcomes they need and deserve. I recommend him for his hard work, experience and commitment to his clients.

L. Satterlee

Charlie is a compassionate and

Charlie is a compassionate and caring lawyer. Rare these days, I think. He takes the time to listen and will ask as many questions as it takes to have a complete picture of a situation. His conclusions and solutions come after thorough and thoughtful consideration. I am comforted knowing Charlie is a phone call away. I absolutely recommend him.

H. Bradford

Charlie is a very caring

Charlie is a very caring and compassionate attorney. He is straightforward, and clearly explains the law. He treated us as his #1 priority and was always available. I highly recommend!

A. Schlinkman

Awesome lawyer! He really knows

Awesome lawyer! He really knows a lot about personal injury. I will be referring him to others for sure!

Jennifer Glanton | Local Guide

Very personal, caring, knowledgeable and

Very personal, caring, knowledgeable and attentive to needs.

B. Schlinkman

Mr. Waters’ tenacity and experience made the difference for us

What do you look for in a personal injury attorney; someone who is a professional, caring, an excellent negotiator and strategist, realistic and someone who does what they say they will do. Charlie Waters exemplifies all these attributes. Mr. Waters’ tenacity and experience made the difference for us, as without his help we would have been in dire financial straits. Because of the settlement we are now able to live our lives as before. The resolution of our lawsuit was a savior for us. We highly recommend Mr. Waters.

J. and J. Montiegel

I suffered a loss no should have to go through

I suffered a loss no one should have to go through. After only 3 ½ months of marriage, my husband and my best girlfriend from childhood both died in a boating accident. I was devastated and lost. I hired Charlie Waters to represent me, as did the parents of my late husband. He guided us through the complexities and challenges of our legal system. We were forced to take our case to trial. Mr. Waters presented our case with great skill and passion. He was tremendous.

The trial lasted almost a month. Charlie Waters was able to ultimately settle the case in our favor, and the settlement made a lasting difference in my life. More importantly, Charlie helped me through the most difficult time of my life with compassion, professionalism and honesty that went beyond the duty of an attorney. He is a great lawyer. He is my friend. I will forever be grateful to him. I can without hesitation recommend Mr. Waters to anyone that has suffered a similar loss and needs an excellent lawyer.

S. Dowdle-Myers

Mr. Waters is tenacious, thorough and detail-oriented

I work extensively with attorneys representing catastrophically injured persons involved in personal injury litigation helping to plan and structure case settlements through the purchase of annuities and through other settlement funding mechanisms. My work is detailed and uniquely case specific to meet the needs of each victim. I’ve worked for over 30 years with some of the best attorneys in Texas and the entire country. I’ve had the privilege of working with Charlie Waters who I consider one of the best attorneys I’ve ever worked with. Mr. Waters is tenacious, thorough and detailed-oriented. He takes the time to understand the needs of his clients and looks at the options that will ensure they are taken care of now and in the future. Mr. Waters has great expertise, commitment and vast experience in catastrophic injuries and in how to maximize structured settlements for his clients. In short, he’s an excellent lawyer.

Susan Gleason, Settlement Planner
Millennium Settlements

Charlie is simply the best trial lawyer I know

I have known Charlie Waters as a friend and trial lawyer for over 30 years. I have seen him in action on many occasions. He is simply the best trial lawyer I know! I have referred numerous cases to Charlie over the years involving serious injury and wrongful death. He has achieved incredible results for these clients. I have seen Charlie take seemingly hopeless cases and transform them into million dollar settlements. He knows the law and knows how to get results. I would not hesitate to call Charlie if I were ever injured, or if any of my family were injured or had died as a result of someone’s negligence. He is the only lawyer I would call.

Steve Brown, Attorney
The Law Offices of Steven R. Brown
San Marcos, Texas

Charlie Waters provided me with

Charlie Waters provided me with outstanding, caring professional advice and legal counsel for two different car wrecks in the past five years. Though not critically injured, he gave me the most intense, focused concern with the most adept listening and communication skills I have ever encountered. Charlie keenly guided me through the ‘mine field’ of insurance policies and with his experience and manner, allowed me the comfort and freedom from emotional stress that I truly needed. His wisdom, honesty, integrity, and deep passion for helping people was more than a blessing to me and my family and a great source of trust, strength and peace during the entire settlement process. I am so thankful for Charlie Waters!

L. McIntyre

As a medical illustrator and

As a medical illustrator and animator of 18 years, I’ve worked closely with plaintiff’s and defense attorneys in Texas and throughout the U.S. It’s been a pleasure to work with some of the best lawyers in the country. I’m always impressed with lawyers who know anatomy, understand complex medical issues and who appreciate the power in a courtroom of medical/legal artwork. Charlie Waters is one of those lawyers. He has an incredible grasp of human anatomy, medicine, injuring-related issues and how to effectively use medical illustrations and animations to strongly present his client’s case to a jury. He really knows his craft.

Sean Prokasy, Medical Illustrator/Consultant/3D Animator
MediVisuals Inc

I found in Charlie Waters a friend

I was injured in a unique accident. I needed help not more questions. I found in Charlie Waters a friend. I found compassion. I found humor. I found someone who listened and with confidence lead us through an unfamiliar world. I found someone I knew I could turn to again if I needed him. I found victory in a time I really needed it.

P. Washburn

I was severely injured in

I was severely injured in a 18-wheeler truck collision. I had to have emergency surgery to remove and fuse a disk in my neck. After my surgery I called a friend from my church and asked if she knew a good lawyer. Without hesitation, she said I have to call Charlie Waters, and I’m sure glad I did. Later that evening he was at my bedside in the hospital explaining what needed to be done. The very next day he and an accident investigator were at the scene taking photos of the skid marks. Mr. Waters was a total pro! He knew exactly what to do. He not only was my lawyer, but became my trusted friend. He got me a tremendous settlement and helped restore my life. He’s really something special.

T. Rasor

Charlie Waters is a first rate trial lawyer

Charlie Waters is a first rate trial lawyer. I’ve had the opportunity to try three cases with Charlie, and there’s no other lawyer I’d rather be sitting with at counsel table. He not only masters the facts and law of the case, but can establish a strong and credible connection with the jury. When I need someone I can really count on, I’ll call Charlie.

Robert G. Oake, Attorney
Oake Law Firm
Allen, Texas

I realized what a tremendous asset he was as things became much more complex

I’ve personally known Charlie for more than 30 years, but it wasn’t until I was involved in a major automobile/truck collision in 2008 that I turned to him to be more than just my friend. I needed quality and experienced legal representation and that’s exactly what Charlie was able to provide. After carefully studying the facts and circumstances regarding my case, Charlie tackled what we initially thought would be quickly resolved. As time went by, I realized what a tremendous asset he was as things became much more complex than we had initially envisioned. As we awaited an uncertain future, I always appreciated his caring, friendly, and pleasant demeanor as well as his excellent communication skills. A successful resolution to my case proved just how fortunate I was to have Charlie on my side.

R. Tanner

Over the past 16 years,

Over the past 16 years, I’ve assisted lawyers, real estate brokers, churches, speakers, financial planners, marketing specialists, and various other professionals with their writing and editing needs. From books, blog articles, speeches, press releases, website content, newsletters, and more, I’ve been honored to work with some very intellectual, accomplished and successful individuals over those years. At that top of that list – without a doubt – is Charlie Waters.

And WHY is Charlie at the top of my client list? Because he cares. Plain and simple. He has a heart the size of Texas. But more importantly, he really knows his area of the law and is so passionate about it. After working with Charlie over the past four years, I would not hesitate to recommend him as a lawyer to my friends and family. I’ve come to know this man well. He’ll take care of you like you’re HIS family.

Jenny Claggett, Professional Writer | Editor
Primo Writing

We literally feared for our

We literally feared for our newborn son’s life when we called Charlie Waters. We called Charlie to be our son’s advocate and to help us navigate through a difficult and scary time. We were dealing with a complex medical and legal situation that was literally a life or death issue for our son, and we needed help. We will always remember how insightful, compassionate and calming Charlie was. Charlie told us exactly what we needed to do, and then help lead us through a grave crisis to a great result. Charlie Waters was there for us when our family needed him!

M. and P. Dorman

Charlie Waters got me through

Charlie Waters got me through the most difficult ordeal of my life. There were times when I just wanted to give up and give in, but he wouldn’t let me. He was strong when I was weak and tenacious and tough when I wasn’t able to be. He became my champion. He sued the persons responsible for the auto accident and made them pay. Mr. Waters is a great lawyer and I was so fortunate to have him with me. He was more than just my lawyer though. He became a dear and trusted friend and that meant so much to me and my husband. Mr. Waters is a very special man. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a tough, honest lawyer who really cares about his clients.

J. Holbrook

I’ve been a prosecutor and

I’ve been a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in Dallas for over 25 years. I know what it takes to be successful in a courtroom. Charlie Waters is the kind of courtroom lawyer I admire. He’s smart, tough and a very skilled advocate. He is simply a powerful trial lawyer. I don’t handle personal injury or wrongful death cases. When my clients call and need a personal injury trial lawyer, I send to them to Charlie Waters. There is simply no one better.

C. H. “Hank” Judin lll, Attorney
Judin Law Firm
Dallas, Texas

I simply cannot imagine a trial lawyer that would fight harder.

Mr. Waters helped me when I really needed help. He gave me hope when I couldn’t find it on my own. He is a very skilled lawyer. He has an incredible ability to articulate and deliver a message for a client. But his greatest asset is not something you can learn or teach. Mr. Waters has a gigantic golden heart, one that naturally displays compassion giving one much needed peace when facing a challenging circumstance. His passion to fight for a client like me, to utilize his enormous skills, and at the same time convey a sympathetic and compassionate heart makes him a one-of-a-kind attorney that we all need in our courts when facing any situation. I simply can’t imagine another attorney that would fight harder, care more or dedicate his time and efforts towards a case more than Charlie Waters.

C. Saunders

From the minute we met Charlie, a sense of calmness and trust came upon us.

Charlie Waters is a true professional in every sense of the word. In the fall of his freshman year of college, our son was involved in a serious car accident and we suddenly found ourselves in a new challenging situation. From the minute we met Charlie, a sense of calmness and trust came upon us. Charlie sincerely took a personal interest in our son and his well-being. He showed dedication, honesty and tenacity while in pursuit of justice to make our son ‘whole.’ Throughout the case he was conscientious with his expenses, kept us well-informed and carefully guided us as we made important decisions. We highly recommend Charlie Waters for professional representation, counsel and advice.

F. and M. Boehmer

I was involved in an

I was involved in an auto accident. After I was released from the hospital, the insurance company wanted to settle the claim. Their offer would not cover all my expenses or lost wages, nor did they offer to cover any future expenses. I asked a friend who they would recommend that I could trust. They responded by referring me to Charlie Waters. I was impressed with Mr. Waters’ honesty, the way he listened to my needs, how he explained the process and what to expect. I have heard other people say that their attorney seemed to only care about settling their case so they could make a fast buck. That is not true of Charlie Waters. He is a man of his word! He will not quit working on your case until you get everything that is owed you. I can honestly state that if you ever have the need for a professional, hard-working attorney that will fight for you and make sure you get a fair settlement, you would do well to have Charlie Waters represent you. He truly cares about his clients and is a true professional.

M. VanNatta

Charlie is one of the finest men I have ever met in my life

I met Charlie Waters after an unfortunate car accident. Charlie helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life. His guidance and concern helped me have hope for a better tomorrow. He handled everything so I could focus on my recovery. If it wasn’t for him, I could not have received financial compensation for all my medical bills, and more. Charlie is one of the finest men I have ever met in my life!

S. Duevel-Young

Thanks to Mr. Waters, I was able to rebuild my life and go on.

I was involved in a hit-and-run boat collision. My neck and back sustained permanent injury. Charlie Waters traveled across Texas many times to visit with me and conduct video interviews with me and my doctors. He went to great lengths to cover all the bases and to have all the facts documented. I could tell from the first time I met Mr. Waters that he truly cared about my condition and getting me fair compensation. I knew I was dealing with someone who truly put my well-being ahead of all else. Thanks to Mr. Waters getting my case resolved for me, I have been able to rebuild my life and go on. If not for his patience and hard work, I would likely have lost my business, my home and be in a very bad place. I highly recommend Mr. Waters to anyone in need of his services.

D. Kuehne