Dallas PTSD Lawyer

If you have been diagnoses with post-traumatic stress disorder after being involved in a serious accident, you may be able to secure compensation from whoever is responsible for causing your injuries – and an experienced PTSD lawyer in Dallas can help. We take PTSD very seriously.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very powerful emotional/psychological injury and is just as real, and potentially debilitating, as any physical injury.  People often underestimate the impact post-traumatic stress disorder can have on your life.  Couple it with the devastating effects of being physically injured in a traumatic accident, and the situation can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you get the treatment you need and seek repayment from the liable party. You’ll then be steps closer to regaining control over your life.

At the Law Offices of Charlie Waters, we are dedicated to assisting those who have been traumatized in catastrophic accidents brought on by the irresponsible actions of others.  Your Dallas PTSD lawyer will do everything possible to ensure you get the most out of our civil claim.

What Causes PTSD and What Are the Symptoms?

Any type of accident or incident that is too much emotionally for you to handle can bring on post-traumatic stress disorder.  This could be due to a motor vehicle accident, a work-related accident, being attacked by a dog, or any other experience that resulted in a devastating injury. Symptoms can start within one month of the traumatic event but may not appear until years after the event. A good PTSD lawyer understands this. Symptoms can cause significant problems in social or work situations and in personal relationship.  They can also interfere with going about your normal daily tasks.  Doctors aren’t sure why some people get PTSD, and as with most mental health problems, PTSD is probably caused by a complex mix of factors.  People of all ages can have PTSD, including children.

If you aren’t sure whether you’re just having a rough time or are dealing with PTSD, here are some ways PTSD has been known to surface:

  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Trouble Concentrating
  • Memory Problems including Amnesia About the Event
  • Avoidance of people
  • Difficulty Maintaining Close Relationships
  • Irritability
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-harm
  • Social Isolation
  • Feeling Detached from Friends and Families
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelming Guilt and Shame
  • Self-Destructive Behavior
  • Difficulty Experiencing Positive Emotions
  • Feeling Numb
  • Negative Thoughts about Yourself
  • Hopelessness About the Future
  • Depression

PTSD symptoms can vary in intensity over time. You may have more PTSD symptoms when you’re stressed in general, or when you come across reminders of the event.

When Should I See a Doctor for my PTSD?

If you feel you’re having trouble getting your life back under control, or if you’re having disturbing thoughts and feelings about a traumatic event, talk to your doctor or mental health professional as soon as possible. Getting treatment immediately can help prevent PTSD from getting worse.

If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts, get help right away through one or more of these resources:

  • Reach out to a close friend or loved one.
  • Contact a minister, spiritual leader, or someone in your faith community.
  • Call a suicide hotline number…in the United States, call the National Suicide prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).
  • Make an appointment with you doctor or a mental health professional.

How We Approach Your PTSD Claim

There are many complicated aspects of a PTSD injury claim, like any personal injury claim, including deadlines that need to be met, investigations that need to be conducted, evidence that needs to be gathered, and of course, calculations that ultimately need to be made in evaluating your claim.  We leave no dollar behind when it comes to determining, and aggressively fighting for, your fair compensation.

We first begin by having a compassionate meeting with you to get the full details of how the accident occurred and to learn who was likely at fault.  From there we talk about your injury and what may have set in motion your PTSD. We want to make sure you’re getting the proper care you need and direct you to therapists and counselors we’re aware of if you need further help.  We understand how debilitating PTSD can be and that it’s not just a challenge to you, but the entire family. We also know that PTSD can happen to anyone and that this condition, just like a physical injury, was caused by a traumatic event.

Get Help from a PTSD Attorney in Dallas

When you are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder that was caused by a traumatic accident, you have the right to hold the liable party accountable for their negligent actions and all your injuries, including PTSD.

Your highly experienced Dallas PTSD lawyer at The Law Offices of Charlie Waters can help you be awarded the repayment that is rightfully yours.  Just give our office a call at 214-742-2223 or submit the quick Contact Form at the bottom of this page to schedule your free claim assessment.