“To my amazing and courageous clients, you inspire me every day.”

Charlie Waters

You are my client and you have a great story.

I have come to know you and your family well.  I know what your life was like before your brain injury and what it’s been like since.  I know your pain.  I know your anguish.  I know your struggles and your heartache.  I know how much you miss “the old you”…the one that was energetic and optimistic…the one who felt could do anything.  I know you desperately long for the days when you were quick to analyze and find the answer, a time when people relied on you to understand the complicated, and when you could remember things said yesterday.  I know how much you miss going to work and your friends there and being able to support your family.  I know because you’ve told me, and I’ve listened.  I’ve listened to how you lie awake at night in fear, wondering who you are and where the real you went.  I’ve listened to you wonder how you can possibly cope with tomorrow, much less the rest your life.  I know you see the world now as a place you’re not sure you belong.  I know how much you mourn the loss of independence, self-confidence, the freedom to dream, to experience joy, and all things that were you.  I know your grief.  I have seen your tears.

Yet, you have a great story.

I have seen you wipe away your tears.  I have seen you refuse to surrender to your grief.  I have seen you lift yourself up off the mat with raw courage on full display.  You have stared down your fears and cast them aside.  You have no time for them now and grant them no quarter.  I have seen strength when I knew you felt weak.  I have seen poetic bravery in all dimensions.  I have watched your indomitable spirit rise time and again.  You’ve turned small steps turn into huge leaps forward.  You have refused to let what would have beaten others beat you.  I have seen you refuse to shrink in surrender when that would have been much easier.  I have gazed into the depths of your character and seen no limits.  You have been an amazing example to your family and friends. And to me.  I have borne witness to pure, unwavering family love and the infinite admiration they have for you.  I join in that admiration.  You have gone the distance and are not done yet.  You will never be done.  Defeat has no dominion.  You are a winner.  And, I know what a winner is…because I know you.

Yours is a story of triumph.  It’s the story of determined drive to make “the new you” wonderful, strong, and proud.  I am proud of you.  I am proud to be your friend.  I am proud to be your lawyer.

You have a great story, and it would be my honor and privilege to tell it to a jury.

-Charlie Waters


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