Families who put their trust in us.

We were honored to serve them.

The Law Offices of Charlie Waters has a distinguished history of representing clients throughout Texas in all types of serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are proud of our track record of success. Here are some examples of cases we’ve handled.


Brain Damage / Premise Liability

While playing in a city park with his father, a 3-year old wandered off and fell into a water-filled ditch and nearly drowned.


Brain Damage / Premise Liability

During Christmas shopping in a retail store, a women was struck in the head by a heavy display item that fell from an overhead shelf.


Orthopedic Injury / Car Accident

Multiple vehicular collision at intersection with failure to control speed.

Brain Damage / Premise Liability

While casually shopping for her husband, a young wife and mother was struck on the head by a store display frame that fell from an overhead shelf. The retail store tried to blame her for the incident and denied all liability…..The impact caused permanent brain damage and a severe neck injury that required a fusion surgery. A lawsuit was filed and on the eve of trial the store agreed to pay. The settlement provided financial security for the family and a college fund for the victim’s daughter.

Brain Damage Construction Accident

A construction worker was on a job site installing wiring for a new dialysis clinic. Workers from another company had left construction debris resting against a wall, including an old heavy door. The wind blew the door over striking the worker on the head causing permanent brain damage….A lawsuit was filed against the general contractor who denied responsibility and who blamed the injured worker for causing the incident. We were able to prove the general contractor violated its own safety policies and procedures which was the true cause of the injury. The settlement provided needed financial security to the worker and enabled him to resume his work career in a different type of employment.

Wrongful Death 18-Wheeler Collision

Heading home after a long day at work, a hard-working single mother of three children was killed when her car was struck by a commercial truck. The Texas DPS Officer investigating the accident placed complete blame on the deceased mother…..Though both drivers were killed and there were no eyewitnesses, we were able to reconstruct the accident from scene photographs and vehicle crash damage analysis to determine the truck driver was at fault by traveling at a high rate of speed and for failing to have his headlights on. And, though the truck driver’s blood content had been altered by blood transfusions at the accident scene, we were able to reverse engineer the transfusion effects to determine the truck driver was intoxicated at the time of the collision. The settlement provided financial security to the entire family and paid for the college educations of all three children.