Spinal Cord Injuries

“Working with spinal cord injury and paralysis clients is an incredibly special experience. They have compelling needs that go far beyond just legal representation. They need in their lawyer someone who can relate, as much as possible, to what they are experiencing and the sense of life uncertainty they are facing.”   
-Charlie Waters

Spinal cord injury victims dealing with partial or total paralysis are confronting a new and different life experience, as are their families. It can be a daunting journey forward for spinal cord injury victims and those close to them. We have experience working with clients from around North Texas and throughout Texas that have suffered such injuries, and know from our experience their unique needs and related challenges.

Tremendous medical advancements in treatment of spinal cord injuries occur each year offering new and greater recovery prospects and renewed hope for paralysis victims. We strive to stay informed of these advancements to better serve our clients.

If you or someone close to you has suffered a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, you need an experienced Texas Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer or Texas Paralysis Injury Lawyer. In the course of our representation we can help direct you to health care professionals and medical services that may be available in your area to assist in your recovery process.

We are also intimately familiar with the high cost of medical treatment for these types of injuries and how to make sure all such costs, both past and future, are considered and included in determining your damages. That takes experience.


We would be honored to assist you in every way related to your legal and medical placement needs.

All consultations are free.

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