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“Dangerous conditions on properties are everywhere. Some we can see and avoid while others are hidden or obscured and impossible to detect. Victims of such dangerous conditions are almost always accused of causing their own injuries. It angers me when those responsible for the dangerous condition try to blame the victim. That’s where we come in.”  
-Charlie Waters

According to the National Safety Council, slip and fall accidents are the single largest cause of emergency room visits, and the second leading cause of all injuries in the United States. They account for an estimated 16,000 deaths each year. Many slip and falls result in serious injury. These are shocking statistics at first glance, but not when you think about all the hazardous conditions we confront on a daily basis on all kinds of properties.

Property owners and those “in control” of property have a general duty to maintain safe premises. The extent of this duty, however, is often determined by whether the injured person is considered (under the law) an invitee, licensee or trespasser on the property at the time the injury occurs. This can often be a complicated legal and factual question.

Liability for premise-related injuries can become even more complex when other issues come into play, such as who actually “controlled” the property at the time of the incident or if the dangerous condition was “open and obvious” and thereby avoidable to the victim.

It takes an experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer or Dangerous Premises Lawyer to navigate these complexities. Knowing how to handle these and other issues can make the difference in winning or losing your case.

Over the decades, we have analyzed hundreds of premise accident cases and slip and fall injuries.  We have successfully represented a vast number of premise accident/slip and fall victims in North Texas and throughout Texas. Through years of experience, we know how to pursue these types of cases and how to hold property owners liable for creating and maintaining dangerous conditions.

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