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The Law Offices of Charlie Waters has a distinguished history of representing clients throughout Texas in all types of serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are proud of our track record and of our many successes for our clients. Some of our firm’s most significant and successful case results include the representation of:

While casually shopping for her husband, a young wife and mother was struck on the head by a store display frame that fell from an overhead shelf. The retail store tried to blame her for the incident and denied all liability.....The impact caused permanent brain damage and a severe neck injury that required a fusion surgery. A lawsuit was filed and on the eve of trial the store agreed to pay. The settlement provided financial security for the family and a college fund for the victim's daughter.

A construction worker was on a job site installing wiring for a new dialysis clinic. Workers from another company had left construction debris resting against a wall, including an old heavy door. The wind blew the door over striking the worker on the head causing permanent brain damage....A lawsuit was filed against the general contractor who denied responsibility and who blamed the injured worker for causing the incident. We were able to prove the general contractor violated its own safety policies and procedures which was the true cause of the injury. The settlement provided needed financial security to the worker and enabled him to resume his work career in a different type of employment.

Heading home after a long day at work, a hard-working single mother of three children was killed when her car was struck by a commercial truck. The Texas DPS Officer investigating the accident placed complete blame on the deceased mother.....Though both drivers were killed and there were no eyewitnesses, we were able to reconstruct the accident from scene photographs and vehicle crash damage analysis to determine the truck driver was at fault by traveling at a high rate of speed and for failing to have his headlights on. And, though the truck driver's blood content had been altered by blood transfusions at the accident scene, we were able to reverse engineer the transfusion effects to determine the truck driver was intoxicated at the time of the collision. The settlement provided financial security to the entire family and paid for the college educations of all three children.

Man whose vehicle was forced from the roadway by an 18-wheel truck driver, causing a rollover resulting in a vehicular fire and severe burns.

Truck driver who was forced off the road by another 18-wheel truck improperly stopped on the roadway. Incident resulted in severe orthopedic injuries preventing the truck driver from ever driving again.

A driver injured in a 18-wheeler truck collision when the vehicle failed to yield the right-of-way. He suffered a severe neck injury resulting in a cervical disk removal and fusion at C4-C-5.

While playing with his dad in a city park in Dallas, a young boy wandered off and fell into a water-filled drainage ditch and nearly drowned. Though rescuers were able to revive him, the boy suffered massive brain damage. The City of Dallas denied responsibility, blamed the father and swore there were no prior similar incidences in the park. The family had been represented by another law firm, but that firm chose to withdrew from the case. After turning to us, we subpoenaed long-archived documents, put people under oath and discovered 3 other small children had previously drowned in the same ditch. During trial the Dallas City Counsel convened a special closed-door session to get the case settled. Special trusts were established and structured annuities secured to meet the lifetime medical needs of the boy and to compensate his parents for their tremendous loss.

A car pulled out from a hotel parking lot at night just as a young man on a motorcycle was riding by. The motorcyclist collided with the side of the car and died at the scene. The investigating police officers concluding the accident was entirely the fault of the bike rider for traveling at an excessive speed....Even though the driver of the car was the only eyewitness and blamed the deceased rider, we were able to prove through accident reconstruction and analysis of the shattered windshield glass at the scene that the car driver had lied about what happened. The location of the broken glass definitively proved the car driver exited the parking lot without stopping to determine if the road was safe to enter. Settlement occurred during trial and provided significant financial proceeds to the innocent victim's mother.

Wife whose husband was killed in an explosion at a manufacturing plant.

Wife whose husband was electrocuted and died while operating a loader on a feed lot.

The parents of a young adult were driving through Nevada on vacation when they approached an oncoming 18-wheel truck carrying a wide load. As the vehicles were passing, the truck swerved causing the wide load to strike the parents' vehicle. The car rolled and both parents died. The truck driver and his company tried to claim the automobile had swerved, but evidence obtained from the scene was used to prove the truck driver was at fault. Our client used the settlement proceeds to start a new life in honor of his parents.

A young newlywed was late getting home from work or she would have been on the ski boat when the collision occurred. Her husband died, as did her best friend and maid of honor, when their boat collided with another boat on Lake Grapevine near Dallas. With mounted cameras and rented boats, we created a video reenactment of the collision. We retained a former ship captain and maritime expert, who used the video to explain why the other boat operator was at fault. We took the case to court. The trial lasted four weeks and was ultimately settled, providing our client with the necessary means to rebuild her life. 

It should have been a routine successful surgery, but hospital nursing staff prematurely removed the patient from the recovery room while he was still under the effects of anesthesia. He was transported to his hospital room where his elderly mother was waiting. He struggled to breathe in her presence until his heart stopped. The mother was unable to fully grieve the loss of her son until a settlement with the hospital was reached, which we took care of gently and expeditiously.

Woman whose SUV improperly rolled over causing the roof of the car to collapse, resulting in spinal injuries causing permanent paralysis below the waist (paraplegia).

Sexual Assault (Daycare)
Negligent Hiring | Supervision

Mother on behalf her child who was sexually molested by a daycare employee.

Road construction worker run over by a drunk driver resulting in severe brain damage and ultimate death 2 years later. Suit was brought against the drunk driver and the bar that negligently over-served the drunk driver.

Man severely injured when negligently shot by a security guard. Complications from his injuries ultimately resulted in his death 3 years later.

A worker was doing his job on an elevated billboard platform when he was electrocuted after contacting an overhead power line with a metal pole. Electricity entered the worker's hand and exited his spine causing serious burn and orthopedic injuries...Medical treatment was able to save the worker's arm from amputation, though significant internal damage to his arm and back prevented him from ever working construction again. The company responsible for the incident denied liability and was sued. The case settled within an hour after the president of the company's deposition was taken in which he was forced to admit corporate fault. The settlement provided enough money for the worker to take care of his family and replace his loss of future income.

A successful businessman was driving through an intersection when an oil disposal truck turned in front of him causing a near head-on collision. He sustained a severe neck injury leaving him unable to ever work again. The truck driver swore he had a green arrow and the right of way. After hiring an accident reconstructionist and calculating the traffic light sequence, the truck drivers' claims fell apart. The oil disposal company was self-insured and convened a meeting of the board of directors to get the case settled. Though forced to retire, the settlement assured the businessman and his family financial security for life.

Man who sustained severe and permanent orthopedic injuries in a hit-and-run boat collision with an intoxicated boat driver.

Father whose daughter was permanently blinded in one eye due to a dangerous condition on the premises of a vacation rental property.

Woman who was raped in a restaurant parking lot by a restaurant employee.

Sound technician severely injured in a concert stage collapse.

Woman injured at construction site during promotional tour resulting in severe shoulder and back injuries.

We realize not every case involves a multi-million dollar recovery. We fully respect and value whatever may be your injury and related damages, and will vigorously pursue obtaining for you full compensation for what you are rightfully owed.


We know how important your case is to you. And that makes it important to us.

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