Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

“Crossing the street and riding a bike are routine parts of our daily lives, particularly for our children. Yet, for thousands of Americans every year, these simple activities end tragically in severe injuries and death. And the numbers are rising.”   
-Charlie Waters

In 2010, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported that 4,280 pedestrians were killed and an estimated 70,000 were injured. Approximately 620 bicyclists were killed in crashes that year and approximately 52,000 were injured. And the number of people bicycling and walking for transportation continues to increase each year, almost doubling since 1995. Now, nearly 12% of trips taken in the United States are by bike or on foot. Intersections are especially dangerous for bicyclists and walkers. The Traffic Safety Council found that 24% of pedestrian deaths and 33% of bicyclist traffic fatalities occurred in an intersection.

With the sport of cycling on the rise and with increased recreational joggers and walkers hitting the streets, we are hearing from more and more clients involved in pedestrian and cycling collisions and accidents. And most often their injuries are quite severe – even fatal.  If this has happened to you, your child or a family member, contact us for immediate legal guidance and case assessment.

We have laws in Texas specifically designed to promote pedestrian safety and protect joggers and walkers. Chapter 552 of the Texas Transportation Code addresses, in detail, pedestrian rights and responsibilities. In addition, bicyclists in Texas have the same protective rights and responsibilities as roadway motorists (Chapters 544 and 545 of the Texas Transportation Code).

We are intimately familiar with the Texas Transportation Code and all laws and statutes that govern pedestrian and cycling safety.  And through experience, we know how to make these laws work for our clients.

If you are looking for an experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer or Bicycle Accident Lawyer, call The Law Offices of Charlie Waters in Dallas, Texas, so we can put our experience to work for you.

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