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Families who put their trust in us. We were honored to serve them.

The Law Offices of Charlie Waters has a distinguished history of representing clients throughout Texas in all types of serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are proud of our track record and of our many successes for our clients. Some of our firm’s most significant and successful case results include the representation of:

  • Woman who, while shopping at a major retail clothing store, was hit in the head when a store display frame fell from an overhead shelve. Impact caused permanent brain damage and a severe neck injury resulting in a discectomy and spinal fusion of the C6-C7 vertebra.

  • Women who was not properly monitored by her doctor and his staff following an injection procedure causing her to faint and strike her head on the floor. Impact  resulted in a skull fracture, permanent brain damage and severe neck injuries.


  • Construction worker injured on a construction site from falling debris resulting in a head injury and permanent brain damage.

  • Son whose parents were both killed when their vehicle collided with an 18-wheel truck carrying a wide load.


  • Man whose vehicle was forced from the roadway by an 18-wheel truck driver, causing a rollover resulting in a vehicular fire and severe burns.


  • Truck driver who was forced off the road by another 18-wheel truck improperly stopped on the roadway. Incident resulted in severe orthopedic injuries preventing the truck driver from ever driving again.


  • A driver injured in a 18-wheeler truck collision when the vehicle failed to yield the right-of-way. He suffered a severe neck injury resulting in a cervical disk removal and fusion at C4-C-5.


  • Parents and their small child when child nearly drowned in a public park owned by the City of Dallas. Injuries to the child resulted in severe brain damage and permanent quadriplegia (paralysis of the total body).


  • Mother whose son, while driving his motorcycle, died in a collision with an automobile.


  • Wife whose husband was killed in an explosion at a manufacturing plant.


  • Wife whose husband was electrocuted and died while operating a loader on a feed lot.


  • The mother and 3 surviving children of a woman who died in an automobile collision with a commercial truck.


  • Wife and surviving parents of a man who died in a boat collision with another boat.


  • Mother whose son died after improper monitoring by hospital personnel of anesthesia following surgery.


  • Woman whose SUV improperly rolled over causing the roof of the car to collapse, resulting in spinal injuries causing permanent paralysis below the waist (paraplegia).


  • Mother on behalf her child who was sexually molested by a daycare employee.


  • Road construction worker run over by a drunk driver resulting in severe brain damage and ultimate death 2 years later. Suit was brought against the drunk driver and the bar that negligently over-served the drunk driver.


  • Man severely injured when negligently shot by a security guard. Complications from his injuries ultimately resulted in his death 3 years later.


  • Worker electrocuted after contacting an overhead power line resulting in internal injuries and total loss of use of his arm.


  • Worker electrocuted after contacting an overhead power line resulting in severe body and facial burns.


  • Man who sustained severe and permanent orthopedic injuries in a vehicle collision with an oil disposal truck.


  • Man who sustained severe and permanent orthopedic injuries in a hit-and-run boat collision with an intoxicated boat driver.


  • Father whose daughter was permanently blinded in one eye due to a dangerous condition on the premises of a vacation rental property.


  • Woman who was raped in a restaurant parking lot by a restaurant employee.


  • Sound technician severely injured in a concert stage collapse.


  • Woman injured at construction site during promotional tour resulting in severe shoulder and back injuries.


We realize not every case involves a multi-million dollar recovery. We fully respect and value whatever may be your injury and related damages, and will vigorously pursue obtaining for you full compensation for what you are rightfully owed. We know how important your case is to you. And that makes it important to us.

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