Motorcycle Accidents

“The motorcycle rider is the most vulnerable motorists on the roadway, and the most misunderstood. Overcoming the bias against riders takes a skilled advocate. I have been that advocate for motorcycle clients and their families for decades.”  
-Charlie Waters

Per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists’ risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than a passenger car (NHTSA’s 2007). Statistics for serious injuries to riders versus car occupants is similar.

Riders know the risks are significantly higher, but choose to ride anyway. For some it’s an economic decision. For most, it’s a true passion and lifestyle expression. That’s to be celebrated! Motorcyclists deserve the same respect on the roadways, and the same treatment under the law, as any other motorists.

Motorcycle accidents are sometimes so unique, and injuries so severe, that it is especially important to be represented by an experienced Motorcycle Injury Lawyer or Wrongful Death Lawyer who is familiar with motorcycle injury cases. Motorcycle accidents can cause extraordinary suffering and loss to riders, their passengers, and their families, so having an experienced Dallas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Lawyer or Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is critical.

To protect your legal rights following severe personal injuries or the death of a loved one involved in a serious Texas Motorcycle Accident, it is wise to consult an experienced Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney as soon as possible. Within the first week of the accident important physical evidence can be lost, and witnesses may be hard to find.

When a bike rider is injured, or a rider fatality occurs due to the careless actions of someone else, we go to work immediately to ensure riders are treated with the same respect and equality as any other motorists.

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