Construction Accidents

“Construction workers built this country. And they continue building it today. Many people do not realize the long hours and hard work required in this industry – and the hazards. When construction workers suffer injuries, they deserve to have a lawyer who understands their workplace and the laws designed to protect them. I understand.” 
-Charlie Waters

There’s no doubt about it – construction work is dangerous. Construction injuries and related claims often involve numerous entities that may be responsible for the incident and multiple layers of potential insurance coverage. Even if the injured worker is covered under workers’ compensation insurance, there may be fault and responsibility on the part of the general contractor, subcontractors or the owner of the premises from which additional compensation may be obtained.

Sorting out who had control of the premises and of the activity that led to the incident can be complex. Analyzing the various building permits, building codes, construction contracts, construction documents and OSHA regulations can add to the complexity.

We understand how to navigate these complexities. And we have years of experience in construction-related injuries and claims from around North Texas and throughout Texas. Having successfully handled a wide variety of construction site and workplace injuries, and tragically, fatalities – there’s no law firm you’d rather have in your corner.

There is no substitute for experience with Construction Accident Injury cases. You need an experienced Texas Construction Accident Lawyer or Dallas Construction Accident Lawyer. We have that experience.

Contact our office today to learn how you and your family can be potentially compensated for your unfortunate injury or loss.

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