Boating & Jet Ski Accidents

“We Texans love our boats and jet skis. Our lakes and waterways are becoming more crowded each year and more dangerous. In both serious injury and sadly, death cases, I have helped boat accident victims across Texas."
-Charlie Waters

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, there are over 595,000 registered boats in Texas. This number ranks Texas sixth in the U.S., plus Texas has more square miles of inland water than any other state. Needless to say, boats and boating are popular here in our great state.

Unfortunately, between the years 1997-2008 in Texas, an average of 250 boating accidents occurred each year resulting in a total of 2,046 injuries and 600 deaths. Did you know that alcohol plays a role in 50% of all boating accidents, and nearly 85% of boating fatalities are the result of not wearing a life jacket? Sad, but true.

Because very little protection is provided to boat and jet ski occupants, even relatively minor collisions can result in serious injuries or death. We have seen this time and time again in the boat and jet ski accident cases we have handled over the years.

There are specific maritime laws that apply to boat and jet ski operation in Texas. Unfortunately, not every lawyer is experienced in the inter-relationship of these maritime laws and personal injury law that often arises when pursuing boat and jet ski accident cases. It is important to consult an experienced Dallas Boat Accident Lawyer or Jet Ski Accident Lawyer if you or a loved one has been injured, or has died in a Texas Boat Accident or Jet Ski Accident.

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